Keira Grant

Photos of or by the mainly naked model and sometimes photographer Keira Grant.
Photographed by Kris Rodammer
Styling by me

Photographed by Kris Rodammer

Styling by me

holygoaly asked: I admit I'm a new fan of yours. Seems like ever since tumblring I've said that alot. I love, love, love your george smiley photos! What convinced u 2 work with him? Most female models r only interested in solo work or other girls. I also appreciate that u don't have tats left and right and everywhere. Pale skin is beautiful without it. And you also enjoy shibari but u aren't alternative looking, meaning u don't have 2 b 2 experiment with shibari & the like. Will u continue to work with males?

That is a lot of questions young man.

I had been hired to work with “George Smiley” since the first modeling trip I took to NYC, and at one point he asked me to photograph him. Later he asked about us modeling together, and as I trust him and have a long working relationship with him, I agreed.

I actually like tattoos, but prefer them on other people….

An interest in shibari and looking “alternative” do not have any connection.

I will continue to work with any artists who are professional, will compensate me fairly, and have an aesthetic in their work that appeals to me for any arbitrary reason. Some will be males.

Anonymous asked: What would you say is your best feature? What do you most like when working with another nude female?

One good feature does not a good model make. :)

You tell me. I hope I have a combination of many good features and skills.

I like the variety welcomed into a shoot by the addition of another nude female. 

Anonymous asked: Who are the models you have enjoyed shooting with the most? Whether it is just laughs and fun or simply hot and intimate, can you name the talent you most enjoy working with?

Every model duo has a different energy. I do not often get to collaborate with my model friends, but having model friends who have limited sense of personal space, a lot of creativity and experience, and enjoy their job is truly important when doing a duo session. I would love to work with more models I know.

My favorite models to work with are:

Rebecca Lawrence


Inna B_G

Candace Nirvana

Carly Erin

mint-desu asked: How much creative influence do you have during one of your shoots? Is it all up to the photographer, or is it a give and take sort of thing when you're being shot?

All photographers like to work differently. Some seem to put the majority of the planning in the model’s hands, and others want to arrange every detail. The shoots where both photographer and model work together to create an image tend to produce the best results. 

Anonymous asked: The way you pose is nothing short of amazing. Esthetic to the core. You manage to somehow 'melt in' with the objects around you, specially those that you are in body contact with. This is light years beyond being beautiful in front of the camera. How do you do it? Do you see yourself in a mirror during the shoots? Or does the photographer help you find the poses? Or do you sense through your body what looks good?

When I first started, years ago, I used a mirror to gain basic body consciousness while posing and observing myself in my own apartment, but I am well past that. A mirror may be a useful tool, but for shooting I do not find a mirror too good as the photographer’s angle will likely not be the same as the angle seen in the mirror. Also, a model should be collaborating with the photographer, not a mirror. 

I have enough body consciousness to pose freely, but having a photographer do some fine tune adjustments for poses can be a great way to perfect a pose if trying to be symmetrical, or match surroundings. Also looking at photos then going back and fixing poses works well.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever slept with a photographer? And do you ever get turned on well shooting?

Generally people have relationships with those who they meet and know. My world involves many photographers, so they make up a huge portion of the people I know. So, yes. 

And yes, there have been a few shoots which were more personal and erotic, but I’m also just really great at putting myself in different roles. And of course the majority of my shoots have no erotic element - making shapes in a tractor don’t get me all hot and bothered unless it is 90 degrees out and there are hornets buzzing around me.